Mahat Raghavendra

Mahat Raghavendra

 Chennai, India
 Mankatha (2011)

About Me

Mahat was born and brought up in Chennai. His father is a Chemical Engineer. He studied at Hindustan College of Arts and Science to take a graduation. Mahat was reportedly seeing actress Taapsee Pannu even before the release of his debut Mankatha and was seen in the company of her during the success party of Aadukalam. The actor however denied that the pair were in a relationship. He was involved in an altercation with Manoj Manchu in July 2012 and was reportedly left assaulted by the Telugu actor and his gang. The pair had clashed at the after party of the 59th Filmfare Awards South in Chennai, with Mahat stating that he had not the attack was unprovoked.

 The incident happened at 4 am and Mahat was subsequently treated for a swollen eye, severe pain to his right jaw and went to file an FIR report. Reports have indicated that the issue involved also concerns Taapsee, with reports earlier suggesting that Manoj and Taapsee had moved in together. The pair later amicably sorted out their differences and released an official statement denying further charges. He played the role of a bar owner of Mumbai in the super hit Tamil movie, Mankatha, which is his most memorable role till now. This movie marked his successful debut and presented him Edison Award for Best Debut Actor.