Tejus (Aka) Vinod

 Devanahalli, Bangalore, India
 Meese Chiguridaga (2004)

About Me

Tej was born in Devanahalli, a small town in Bangalore. He completed his schooling at St. Josephs. After completing his Engineering in Information Technology, he worked at Infosys Technologies and later received a master's degree in Supply Chain from a European university. He worked in Tamil and Kannada films.[citation needed] He acted in films such as Meese Chiguridaga, Kadhalukku Maranam Illai, Konjam veyil Konjam Mazhai, Gaantham, and Kappal. In 2009, Tej debuted as the leading man in the film Kadhalukku Maranam Illai, produced by K. T. Kunjomon. His performance in the film earned him a place in Kollywood and roles such as Konjam Veyil Konjam Mazhai even before the first film opened. Tej produced a film, Gaantham, also writing the story and screenplay.