Sonu Gowda

Sonu Gowda (Aka) Shruthi Ramakrishna

 Bangalore, Karnataka
 Inthi Ninna Preethiya (2008)

About Me

Sonu was born to Ramakrishnan, a make-up artist who has worked in the Kannada film industry. She has a sister Neha Gowda, who is a television actress known for her roles in the series Swathi Chinukulu and Lakshmi Baramma. Sonu studied at the Carmel High School, Padhmanabhanagar, Bangalore. Her first film was Inthi Ninna Preethiya, where she worked alongside of actor Srinagar Kitty. And then she appeared in films including Paramesha Panwala and Gulama. She has also starred in a few Tamil films. Her upcoming films are Viraivil Isai, Thasaiyinai Thee Sudinum, Sigai, Kavalai Vendam and NaiKutti.