R. P. Patnaik

R. P. Patnaik (Aka) Ravindra Prasad Patnaik

 Music Directors
 Hyderabad M.Corp,Andhra Pradesh
 Nee Kosam (1999)

About Me

Patnaik had entered the film industry with a desire to become a film director, and began first as a music director. He has a post graduate degree in astrophysics from Andhra University. It was after cinematographer- turned- director Teja gave him a break, that Patnaik made his directorial debut with the 2008 film Andamaina Manasulo. His first ever live show for the public gathered about 600,000 people along the Vizag sea shore on 20 July 2002. Since then he has performed in The US, UK, Dubai, Kuwait, Singapore, Delhi, Chennai and every part of Andhra Pradesh. Some of his albums like Jayam have sold about 2.5 million units (CDs and Cassettes) just in one regional state. As a singer, apart from singing in his own composition, he has sung for almost all the lead composers including Maestro Ilayaraja and has sung about 300 songs. Apart from music he has acted in two films in Telugu named Seenu Vasanti Lakshmi in which he played a blind singer and got a very good applause for his outstanding performance and Broker in the title role. His first directed film was the experimental short 22 minutes, in which the entire 22-minute film is a single scene and edge-of-the-seat screenplay. He did producing, directing, composing music for, and acting in, the 2014 film Tulasi Dalam. Following upon his work as a music composer and music director, Patnaik began directing films, and has directed 4 feature films till date. His first film is called Andamaina Manasulo a musical love story. He also has directed a Supernatural thriller film in Hollywood titled Amy, currently in post production. The film is set in a different backdrop in the US about Amish community. He also directed a bi-lingual film, titled Friends Book in Telugu and Mugaputtagam in Tamil, about the strength of social network.