T. K. Ramamoorthy

T. K. Ramamoorthy (Aka) Tiruchirapalli Krishnaswamy Ramamoorthy

 Music Directors
 Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu
 Sadhu Mirandaal (1966)

About Me

Tiruchirapalli Krishnaswamy Ramamoorthy was born into a family that was musically inclined. Both his father, Krishnaswamy Pillai, and grandfather, Malaikottai Govindasamy Pillai, were well known violinists in Tiruchirapalli. When he was fourteen, C. R. Subburaman noted the young boy's talent and hired him as a violinist for HMV. By late 1940s, C. R. Subburaman, who was a rising star in the South Indian film music world, used Ramamoorthy as one of his violinists in his musical troupe. There, he met violinist and composer T. G. Lingappa, as well as M. S. Viswanathan in 1950, with whom he became a partner in later years. In 1952, C. R. Subburaman died unexpectedly, which led to Ramamoorthy and Viswanathan joining together to complete the background music for the films Subburaman was working on. They were introduced by N. S. Krishnan, who knew them both fairly intimately and also their respective talents by then. Ramamoorthy was older than Viswanathan by six years, but the placing of their names in Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy team was agreed upon by both parties on the advice of Krishnan, who thereafter got the duo their first chance to score Krishnan's 1953 film, Panam. The duo composed for over 100 films during the 50s and 60s, revitalising Chennai film music. The duo parted in 1965 and since then, they had composed for films individually. Although M.S. Viswanathan enjoyed a successful solo career, with over 1200 films from 1965–2013, Ramamoorthy composed for only 19 films from 1966–1986. He was awarded an honorary doctorate, along with M.S. Viswanathan, by the Sathyabama Deemed University in September 2006. In addition, J.Jayalalithaa being the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, conferred the “Thirai Isai Chakravarthy” title in August 2012 and presented it to him, along with 60 gold coins and a new car. Ramamoorthy died when he was 91, in a hospital in Chennai following a brief illness on 17 April 2013.